My Shaw App


My Shaw App



Shaw is a Candian telecommunication company providing cable, internet, and landline services to Canadian consumers. The My Shaw app is a way for existing customers to view and manage their services such as viewing and paying their bill, setting up auto payments, managing TV parental controls, managing their voicemail, and evening activating their internet modem.

Project Goal

The goal was to migrate as many users to the app to manage their cable, landline, wireless services via the app. Within the app, providing conceriege like services such as setting up a new device, managing parental controls, and managing landline voicemails.

Success Metrics

Lessing the amount of support line calls as the cost to the business is significant. Increasing the amount of package upgrades.

Target Users

Existing Shaw customers.

Challenges Faced

Getting users who are used to calling Shaw for service management to migrate to the app was a definite challenge. Through marketing / clear instructions on how to install the app alleviated some of this.


Significant increase in app downloads which in effect satisfied the success metrics.