Typically how well you perform in a SoulCycle class is based on in-class observation and more importantly how you feel at the end of it. Many dedicated riders though overtime have been eager to exit class with something more tangible like stats. The challenge is how do we incorporate stats in a way that its not seen as some competitive leaderboard. Another concern is how distracting seeing stats can be while in class, where you are in the moment of the music and choreography. That’s how we ended up with SoulBeat: a post-ride reflection that celebrates their performance on the bike, and allows them to track their progress while capturing music that they have enjoyed along the way.

In collaboration with Lee Chakov, we were responsible for concept sketches, architecture, taking feedback (when necessary) from user interviews / usability tests, as well as final design output which is live as a feature within the SoulCycle iOS app, applicable for NYC and CA studios.

Project goal

The goal was to add value to the current SoulCycle workout by allowing riders to reflect / grow from their past ride via music and data.

Success metrics

Excitement around select SoulCycle studios that would provide SoulBeat for their classes.

Target Users

The data fanatic • The health tracker • The nostalgic rider • Power & engaged riders

Challenges faced

How do we make this not all about data, rather about self-reflection and growth?


• Major excitement / continued engagement around studios that provide SoulBeat. Some riders who are familiar about it from friends are excited to try it when visiting participating studios (in NY & CA).

• Ride frequency has significantly increased in participating studios 


John Kresse, Product Manager

Benjamin Grohe, Product Manager 

Anthony Loven, Design Manager

Bren Cavallo, Data Scientist

Lee Chakov, Product Designer

Jordan McQuade, Product Designer

How do we add stats to a workout but in a Soulful manner? A way for riders to not see it as a form of competition rather a way to self reflect.


Throught the use of multiple sensors in class we were able to capture data in formulate it in a soulful manner. Through many rounds of research we determined these key metrics are what excites riders the most. Beatmatch became the driving force behind the product name SoulBeat. For many riders, how in sync you feel to the choreography is very important. We came up with a formula to calculate a percentage to how much you were in beat with the class. Power and Distance became a close second to rider’s importance as Distance is a measure that is relatable across workouts while Power is very true to the amount of resistance you put on your bike. Cadence is about the rate at which you pedal, measured in RPM, so when climbing a hill your RPM will typically be lower than if you are sprinting.


Within early explorations we looked at a dual purpose use for SoulBeat to additionally record rider’s feelings about class. Per user testing, we took it out, as it detracted from the main feature as well as cheapened the experience. For the MVP release, ‘Ride home song’ was only the music element captured from class. The ‘Ride home song’ is the song that instructors play as the last song of the workout. Other select explorations shown below look at hierarchy and which elements to emphasize. We originally looked at the summary screen as a gridded overview but later simplified key metrics, while keeping everything above the fold. Through user testing we’ve learned that distance is a popular metric (most likely due to its familiarity) so in early sketches we explored ways to emphasize it more. Some of those ways was around relating class distance travelled to equate to the distance to popular cities. 


Push Notification Within about 20 minutes after class, the rider will receive a push notification to see their SoulBeat. This is a moment for them to reflect from class while it’s still fresh, additionally they can look into the music that was played, add it to their playlist, and share a screen of their SoulBeat to social. This swipe-able story-like experience keeps things high level while offering functionality to dive deeper if the rider chooses to.

Greeting screen The rider gets a greeting from their instructor during that class as well as celebrating any milestones made.

Most On Beat Song  By calculating BeatMatch, we can determine which song you rode to the beat the most.

Most On Beat Song, view more This provides context where in class this song was as well as a graph showing where you were within the target cadence

Most Powerful Song By calculating Power, we can determine which song you rode to with the most power.

Most Powerful Song, view more This provides context where in class this song was as well as a graph showing where you hit the highest power.

Summary Screen The final screen, where your BeatMatch score as well as overall Distance, Power, and Cadence are shared. This is the most shared screen in the experience as it does a good job a summarizes your past workout.

SoulBeat History After tapping on the ‘SoulBeat history’ button on the previous screen you are navigated here where you see your last 10 day average and your past SoulBeat applicable rides. The ride’s BeatMatch and Power are pulled out so that you can cross compare across rides. 


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